Private discussions are useful when you want to discuss something with your friends or family. For example, imagine this scenario:you want to buy a gift for a relative, and you want to discuss the gifts with your family, but you do not want the relative to know about it. That's when you would create a private discussion.

Public discussions are useful for product reviews, comparisons, and generally for any topic which you do not deem private. For example, if you want to ask the members or visitors of our site what they think about the best bike, you would go for a public discussion.

It is possible to add a product from another site to our database of searchable products. Doing so allows to attach such products to discussions. Just click the Suggest Gift link on the top menu and follow the instructions.

A conversation, or discussion, can be created in a few ways.

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To login just click the Sign In link on the top menu. If prompted, enter your FaceBook credentials.

Login with your Facebook credentials and choose Account, or go to . On this page you can enter your display name, email and web address.

Subject is a person blocked from seeing the discussion. For example, if you want to buy a gift for your wife, and you do not want to see what products you are discussing with your friends, you make her a subject.

  • Create a conversation first
  • Add the product by clicking the Suggest Gift top menu link and following the instructions
  • At the end of the wizard, select the public conversation to add the product to