"Survival Spanish for Pharmacists" is designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who want to learn Spanish phrases that will elevate their level of patient care. Part of the industry-specific SpeakEasy Spanish (TM) series, "Survival Spanish for Pharmacists" is designed for adult beginners with no previous experience in the Spanish language. "Survival Spanish for Pharmacists" includes chapters on basic medications, common complaints, illnesses, symptoms, side effects, dispensing instructions, diabetes, and phrases which can be used in a retail environment. Much of the vocabulary included in the book was suggested by pharmacists we have trained in the field. At SpeakEasy Spanish (TM) we believe that the Spanish you learn must be relevant to what you do so you will use it often. Vocabulary is presented with easy-to-use pronunciation guides which build skills quickly and easily. We also provide examples of basic language principles which connect English and Spanish. This method takes the "foreign" quality out of the language learning process. Then, we also focus on communication rather than old-fashioned conjugation so that learning is a more natural process. You'll be surprised at the progress you make when you learn the SpeakEasy Spanish (TM) way!
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