Self-Love Secrets is an insightful guide on how you can shift internally from a place of anger, blame, deprecation and hatred. It offers a holistic perspective to self-love. You will learn about working through each layer in body, mind and spirit. You will also find out what it means to have unconditional self-acceptance, compassion and care. Self-love Secrets shows you the path to reawakening the love in your heart. You discover what the single root cause of your poor ability to love yourself is. Ultimately, it helps you gain a spiritual awareness of divine love – that which you already are. Thus, you enhance your ability to experience life richly. Evelyn Lim wrote this book after receiving 1,000 emails from people all over the world about their difficulties with loving themselves. Weaving real life cases and compelling fables, it is an engaging read. You find out that you are not alone in your struggles, and through reading this book, become comforted in the knowing that you can find love for yourself.

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