Spanish Verbs JUST GOT AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Great news!
Whether you’re learning Spanish for fun, school, or work, 2,000+ Essential Spanish Verbs makes everything simple–conjugations, tenses, irregulars, and even conversation.

• 2,000+ Spanish verbs in alphabetical order
• Translations, prepositions, and regional usage
• ALL major tenses and regular and irregular verb forms covered
• Help with forming tenses, explained in clear English
• Sample sentences that show verbs in action
• 40 engaging dialogues that bring verbs to life
• More than 100 practice exercises
• Special help for tough verb questions

And for extra practice, FLASH CARDS help you memorize key verbs!
  • 2,000+verbs in alphabetic order
  • Clear charts showing all major tenses, regular and irregular forms
  • Sample sentences to show verbs in action
  • Clear, concise English explanations of tense formation
  • 40 engaging dialogues and 80 practice exercises to bring verbs to life and verb glossary

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