This Recovery Workbook is meant to introduce people to the wonder of journaling, creating an inventory, and setting goals. While writing, things occur to us that may not have otherwise seeped up from our unconscious. Writing also reinforces what we have learned and acts as a bench mark affirming our progress. I have also chosen this opportunity to bring the reader's attention to the Ambivalent Love Addict. In working with Love Addicts and Love Avoidants, I have yet to find someone who is not actually an Ambivalent Love Addict. Since 1990, I have used the term brighter tomorrow frequently in my work. It is the title of my company and my hope for you. While we live in the moment, and learn from the past, it is tomorrow that draws us forward. Be careful to be optimistic about the future. The glass is half full really. Tomorrow will be brighter. Stumbling blocks and setbacks are negligible compared to that. Enjoy this workbook. Learn from this workbook. Keep it to measure your progress and feel good about yourself. It is a tool and device to help you move forward in incremental steps. Remember that writing is a living thing once you add your personal touch. So live and learn and write.

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