In My Tupperware Party was Over and I Sat Down and Cried,Mrs. Block skillfully relives for you the Tupperware experience – the party. She shows the lighter, almost hilarious, moments experienced by guests and dealers alike. She shows the reader how she crafted the meetings and parties to be an exhilarating experience for everyone involved. It was truly an electrifying moment. The reader will be fascinated by the author’s unfolding the secrets behind why Tupperware became so popular. As Phil Grosso, past president of Tupperware, U.S.A., once said to her, “Elsie, you’re the only one who can tell the history of Tupperware.”Today, with the home business market expanding rapidly, Mrs. Block explains the key points on how to be a successful salesperson in any chosen field or market that a dedicated entrepreneur enters. The book is not all laughs. The author also reflects on the downside of the ethical and moral problems that plague many businesses today.The author’s hope and prayer is that the reader will be far more prepared than she was in knowing what to do when a dire situation presents itself in their lives. Hopefully, by living the Blocks’ experience the reader will gain insight into the problems.

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