Batter up! Pictures of catchers, batters, baseball mitts and hats enliven this version of the Scramble Squares challenge. Easy to Play, but Hard to Solve is the motto for this deceptively simple-looking puzzle. By the time you've become addicted and find yourself unable to solve the thing, you'll realize it's not so much a motto as a warning. Nine colorfully illustrated cardboard 4-by-4-inch squares depict various unfinished baseball images along their edges. The images must be matched and the nine squares arranged in a larger square. An ingenious, elegantly executed puzzle idea, Scramble Squares will have you simultaneously blessing and cursing its inventor. --Claire Dederer
  • Award-Winning
  • Exquisite original art
  • New styles are introduced every six months
  • For ages 4 to 104
  • Easy to play, but hard to solve

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