If you want to find out if you'll enjoy this collection of guitar transcriptions, listen to track 7, the "Military Tap" by Mariano Mores. If you can resist the ingenuity of the arrangement and the verve of the performance, this disc is not for you. For further evidence, try track 13, Astor Piazzolla's "Midnight in Buenos Aires," an amazing example of Villadangos's imagination as an arranger. This guitarist, who comes from Buenos Aires himself, has obviously absorbed the tango tradition and idiom completely. You might think guitar solo arrangements would be disappointing, lacking the inherent color of the typical tango band. Not so in this exhilarating collection, which also juxtaposes internationally known tango composers like Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel with others much less well known. Villadangos also supplies his own helpful program notes for this completely satisfying, memorable recital. --Leslie Gerber
  • Victor Villadangos

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