Usborne's Animated First Thousand Words is the CD-ROM version of the popular book, The Usborne First Thousand Words. Children learning to read for the first time will see and hear 100 words come alive in over 35 scenes from everyday life. Fully functional in English and Spanish, the First Thousand Words CD-ROM can be used to introduce young learners to either a first or a second language. In each of 35 places, your child will find six word games designed to address a variety of learning styles. Children will hear words read aloud, practice saying new words by recording them, color scenes by fitting pictures into place, match words to pictures, and sort words and their pictures into groups. ISBN 0-590-18466-0. UPC 078073184668. "System Requirements: Windows; * 66MHz or faster processor * 16 MB available RAM * 256 color 640 X 480 display * Double-speed CD-ROM drive * Windows-compatible sound card * Microsoft Windows 3.1x or Windows 95 * Recommended: Microphone and printer, Micintosh; * 68040 or faster processor * 12 MB total RAM (6144 KB free) * 256 color 640 X 480 display * Double-speed CD-ROM drive * 3 MB free hard disk space * System 7.1 or higher * Recommended: Microphone and printer (from booklet)
  • For Ages 5-7

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