Special live performance starring the Ramos family with the Texas Revolution Band: Ruben 'El Gato Negro'; Alfonso; Eli; Joe; Inez; and Roy. Recorded live in Corpus Christi shortly before the passing of Eli Ramos. A wonderful musical document of the legendary Ramos family. Includes 45+ minutes of music from 11 songs plus a 26 minute interview with the Ramos family that culminates in a tender rendition of Las Mananitas. Track Listing: 1. Pollera Colora 2. El Silencio de la Noche 3. Amaneci En Tus Brazos 4. Un Dia a la Vez 5. El Pescador 6. Quinto Patio 7. Estoy Pensando En Ti 8. Me Regalo Contigo 9. Prietita Nomas No Lloras 10. Mil Noches 11. Compay Gato (Plus Bonus Track 'Las Mananitas' acoustic version at conclusion of Interview segment)

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