The Zadro Surround Light Chrome S-Neck 6X Vanity Mirror is both a first class mirror and an elegant addition to your bathroom or dressing room. The large 9.5-inch mirror is mounted to an S-neck pedestal and features Surround Light technology that naturally mimicks the look of flattering sunlight. 6X magnification provides the close-up view that precision touch-ups require. About Zadro, Inc. Zadro Inc. has been leading innovation in all sorts of health and wellness products for the last 25 years. They hold more than 30 engineering and design patents, and strive to keep up with the changing times. They designed the first ever fogless mirror and have continued to contribute to the field ever since. 9.5-inch vanity mirror with S-neck stand. 17.5 inches tall with easily adjustable angles. 6X magnification for great close-ups. Surround Light reproduces natural sunlight. Gleaming chrome finish. Dimensions: 10.5W x 7.5D x 16.25H inches.
  • 9.5-inch vanity mirror with S-neck stand
  • 17.5 inches tall with easily adjustable angles
  • 6X magnification for great close-ups
  • Surround Light reproduces natural sunlight
  • Gleaming chrome finish

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