Permanent leak repair that bonds to any clean, dry surface. Seals cracks or rusted flashings, vent pipes, rain gutters, and downspouts. Stops leaks between shingles, roof seams and laps, soffits, and parapet walls. Use to seal around chimneys and skylights. One step installation makes it fast and easy to apply. Easily shaped and molded to any surface. Bonds immediately, seals instantly with no curing time needed. Superior adhesion to most surfaces above or below grade (except siliconized materials). Remains flexible. Never hardens, cracks, peels, or shrinks. Stops leaks, rust, and corrosion. Mold and mildew resistant. Effectively use from 76 to 180 F. Nontoxic. Recommended for application over: Aged EPDM, aged hypalon, wood, concrete, fiberglass, aged asphalt, rolled roofing, built up roofing, spray urethane foam, masonry, stucco, and many other surfaces. Color: Gray. Lifetime limited warranty.

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