BRAND NEW Set of four (4) Sunflower Stove / Burner Covers. This is a very beautiful set with lots of color and lots of detail! The 3-dimensional large Sunflowers are quite impressive. Please take a look at the pictures to understand what I mean. There is a beautiful variety of colors painted over an embossed and relistic design. The set consists of four (4) pieces: two large burner covers measuring approx. 11.5" in diameter and two smaller bruner covers measuring approx. 9.5" in diameter. Each piece is made of ceramic with a very fine gloss fininsh coating it. Each piece also has two attachment chains on either side to lock the cover onto the burner. This would make a beautiful addition to ANY kitchen, or this would make a wonderful gift for any Sunflower lover!! Please don't forget to take a look at out many other Sunflower design items of this same design set and other styles.
  • Create a personal and elegant touch to your kitchen!
  • Great as a gift!
  • Perfect for ANY sunflower collector!
  • Excellent attention to detail and such vibrant colors!
  • Useful and stylish all in one!

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