They're here! UFO Clothing has a new line of cool hipster pants called Girls Reflective Hipster Pants . They have a cleaner cut around the waist and hips. Drawstring waist and 4" zipper in the front. Two Cargo Pockets w/ Straps, Two pockets on each side and one on the back! You're going to love them! The world Famous UFO Pants are made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton and are fully machine washable. And What is unique about this refective pants are the reflective strips on the cargo pocket and the leg. Perfect for dance teams to get noticed. Let the reflective strips catch the stage lights to make you and your team shine! And if your not in a dance team, Dont worry these pants are perfect for and night time jog or just enjoy a fashionably new feature to your UFO pants. Caution! Due to the unbelievable comfort of these UFO Pants You May feel the desire to throw away all of your other clothing.

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