Adjustable square gimbal trim designed for use with IC or Non-IC AIR-TITE 3-Inch Halo small aperture line and low voltage housings. This die-cast aluminum trim is available in multiple finishes to match interior decor. Trim uses low voltage MR16 or GU10 line voltage lamps ideal for accent and task lighting. Trim offers 35-Degree positive tilt, 15-Degree negative tilt, 360-Degree orientation within housing. The trim construction allows use with the Halo H3 Series of standard round aperture housings.
  • Die cast trim with die cast gimbal
  • Mounting methods include friction clips
  • 35-Degree positive tilt, 15-Degree negative tilt, 36-Degree orientation housing
  • Trim finishes in a wide variety of colors
  • Front loading, snap-in lamp access face plate

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