King Silk Art makes silk embroidery wall art, 100% hand-stitched by Master Artists in Suzhou, China. Our artwork, Susho, is completely natural, created with tiny needles and pure silk thread. Susho is a 2500 year old family tradition, with a unique and fascinating history.

In Chinese folklore, there is a legend about a parrot and a pearl merchant, who's life was nearly ruined by his greedy and faithless wife. Parrots were popular pets for women, usually kept in bedrooms, they were considered the keeper of a lady's secrets.

This parrot was disgusted by his mistress' behavior and told the pearl merchant about his wife's affairs. The pearl merchant was able to save himself from her plans, just in time. Today, giving an image of a parrot as a gift, is sometimes meant as a warning to stay faithful in a relationship.

For the ancient Chinese people, studying the flight patterns of parrots helped predict the coming rains to know when to start planting their crops. To honor this service, parrots were seen as "divine birds", and to see one flying or hold one was considered an insurance policy for good fortune.

In Feng Shui, parrots are symbolic of positive energy and are seen as bearers of good news. The color green is associated with good health, prosperity and harmony. Orange tones provide warmth, enthusiasm, confidence and satisfaction. Orange inspires a passion for life.

  • King Silk Art sells only handmade master quality embroidery artwork, uique design, exquisite handmade art of work craftsmanship and eye catching, with real and long-term value.
  • It is absoutly a wonderful gift for its uique design, exquisite handmade craftsmanship and 2500 years long history.
  • This very popular Asian Décor is Chinese handmade silk embroidery paintings framed wall art.
  • Art Story: In Feng Shui parrots represent fidelity. In the Chinese and Japanese wall art world bird art paintings are popular Asian Décor.
  • 12"x12" with mat only; 13"x13" with mat and frame.

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