• Great For Interior and Exterior Decorating, Such As:
  • Interior Applications: Switch Rim, Air Condition Rim, Shift Knob Trim, Speakers, Door Handle, Stereos, Radios, Center Consoles, Steering Wheels, Gauge Pods, Dash Board
  • Exterior Applications: Grille Trim, Taillight Trim, Headlight Trim, Lip Trim Around Windows, Pillar Posts And Hoods, Wheel Cap Trim, Mirror Cover Trim Bumper And Fender Trim, Side Vent And Duct Trim
  • Product Name : Moulding Trim Strip;Total Length : 5m/196.9"
  • Width : 4mm/0.16";Material : Soft Plastic
  • Color : Silver Tone
  • Weight : 46g
  • Package Content : 1 x Moulding Trim Strip

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