Dr. Denese's Award winning supercharged hydrating serum that locks in moisture to drastically reduce the look of dry lines and wrinkles. It intensely moisturizes skin for a soft, supple, luminous, more youthful look. Clinical studies on her Hydroshield serum, using a medical instrument to measure level of hydration, has identified a 184% increase in hydration in 15 minutes time!!!! This unprecedented increase in skin hydration has made this serum an icon in Dr Denese's line making it her best seller, an uncontested favorite. So if your skin feels dry by midday, you need HydroShield®. If you see more dry lines around the eyes, cheeks and mouth area, each and every year, you need HydroShield®. Remember: Dry skin equals wrinkled skin. Hydrated skin equals plump, dewy, youthful looking skin.
  • Use HydroSheild after your skin care treatments, before your moisturizer. Allow it to completely soak in (5 minutes or so) first. Apply all over your face if you have normal, combination or dry skin.

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