This is a rare original 1888 color chromolithograph which depicts a variety of historical garments worn by the tribal peoples of Russia and eastern Europe, including the Ostyaks, Tungusics, Koloches, and Crimeans.

A unique feature of this illustration, which may be difficult to see in the digital image, is the use of silver ink which not only shimmers when it catches the light but also accentuates some of the finer details that might otherwise be missed.

Key Elements in Each Panel

Top - Diverse headwear worn in Crimea, note the fur linings in each hat.

Bottom (Left to right) - Koloche or Hinkite, from Alaska (known as Russian-America for a while), wearing a fringed cloak and apron-like garment, as well as a semi-transparent shirt made of animal intestines for a more waterproof feel and impermeable shoes made using seal throats - Ostyak husband and wife from Obdorsk (Salekhard) wearing clothing of decorated wool and leather - Tungusic nomads from Nerchinsk, one is wearing an overcoat with an Oriental brocade and a steel belt.

  • Product Type: Original Chromolithograph; Color
  • Grade: Near Mint / Very Fine
  • Dimensions: Approximately 10 x 13.5 inches; 25 x 34 cm
  • Authentication: Dual Serial-Numbered Certificates of Authenticity w/ Full Provenance
  • Packaged in custom sleeve w/ archival black board (great for display, gift-giving, and preservation)

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