Transform your simple cakes into works of art with our variety of Chefmasterairbrush colors. True to color & highly concentrated, ChefmasterAirbrush Colors are extremely effective, even on hard to color whippedtoppings and icing.To use Chefmaster airbrushcolor: Remove cap & the tamper-proof inner seal. Place cap back on the bottle & tighten. To dispense color, twist open the upper cap part & tilt the bottle. Hold the gun like a pen/pencil and fill the color cup on the gun with a few drops of color. When finished pouring, twist closed the upper cap part. Pull back on the thumb lever & spray. You control the color by the distance between the object youre spraying & the gun (closer finer spray, farther back wider spray) plus the amount of pressure applied to the thumb lever. The full effect of the color will appear after it dries. It is recommended you practice first to get the feel of the gun before you start your project. Wash out the airbrush gun with Chefmaster Airbrush Cleaner when you are finished. You wont need a detector to discover a whole new avenue of opportunities using Chefmaster Airbrush Colors. Variety Pack includes the following colors: Hawaiian Blue, White, Harvest Brown, Super Red, Fleshtone, Royal Blue, Canary Yellow, Midnight Black, Blushing Pink, Sunset Orange, Violet & Spring Green Certified kosher by United States K of Los Angeles, California Rabbi Yehudah Bukspan, SupervisorChefmaster airbrush colors are used by pastry chef Jorg Amsler:

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