Replacement For:

PA3128U-1BRS, PA3191-2BAS, PA3191U-1BAS, PA3191U-1BRS, PA3191U-2BRS, PA3191U-2BRS, PA3191U-3BAS, PA3191U-3BRS, PA3191U-4BAS, PA3191U-4BRS, PA3084U-1BAS, PA3084U-1BRS, PA3176U-1BAS, PA3176U-1BRS, PA3176U-2BRS, PABAS012, PA3191U-5BRS.

Fit Machine Models:

TOSHIBA Portege M200, Portege M400-ST9113, Tablet PC Tecra M4, Portege M200-102, Portege M405-S8003, Tecra M4-103, Portege M200-122, Portege M405 Series, Tecra M4-107, Portege M200-152, Satellite Pro 6000 Series, Tecra M4-S115TD, Portege M205, Satellite Pro 6050, Tecra M4-S435, Portege M400-EZ5031, Tablet PC Satellite Pro 6100 Series, Tecra M7, Portege M400-S4031, Tablet PC Satellite R10, Tecra M7-118, Portege M400-S4032, Tablet PC Satellite R10-101, Tablet PC Tecra M7-S7311,

Portege M400-S4034, Satellite R15, Tecra M7-S7331, Portege M400-S5032, Tablet PC Satellite R20 Series, Tecra M7 Series, Portege M400-S933, Tablet PC Satellite R20-ST4113, Tecra M7-ST4013, Portege M400 Series, Tablet PC Satellite R25-S3503, Tecra TE2000, Portege M400-ST4001, Tablet PC Satellite R25-S3513, Tecra TE2100, Portege M400-ST4035, Satellite R25 Series, DynaBook SS4000, Portege 4005, Satellite 6000, DynaBook SS M3, Portege 4010 Series, Tecra 9000 Series, Portege 4000 Series, Portege M100 Series, Tecra 9100 Series.

Satellite Pro 6050 Satellite Pro 6100 Series Satellite R10 Satellite R10-101 Tablet PC Satellite R15 Satellite R20 Series Satellite R20-ST4113 Satellite R25-S3503 Satellite R25-S3513 Satellite R25 Series Tecra M4 Tecra M4-103 Tecra M4-107 Tecra M4-S115TD Tecra M4-S435 Tecra M7-118 Tecra M7-S7311 Tecra M7-S7331 Tecra M7 Series Tecra M7-ST4013 Tecra TE2000 Tecra TE2100

  • Colour: Black. Type: Li-ion.Batteries are in high grade quality and certified by CE and RoHS
  • Voltage (V): 11.1. Capacity (mAh): 4400. N.M.(g):300. Dimensio(mm):126.5*69.7*22.7
  • Replacement For:PA3128U-1BRS,PA3191-2BAS,PA3191U-1BAS,PA3191U-1BRS,PA3191U-2BRS,PA3191U-2BRS...
  • For TOSHIBA Portege M200 M205 M400 Series Satellite R25 Pro 6000 6050 6100 Series Tecra M4 M7¡­
  • Please make sure that the battery part numbers listed in the description matches the battery part number on your original battery before you purchase

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