As a parent I had a hard time figuring out how to arrange a party for my children.
I had no clue what to do or which games to play at the party.

There was one thing I was sure about:
I will not let my child get embarrassed in front of his friends!!!

So I made my research and wanted to share it with you, so you can make sure that your party will be a BLAST!

In This Book You Will Learn:
What to do in the Party!
How to make decorations!
How to get everyone to come to the party!
How much it will cost!
What games to play in your Party!
How to have a lots of FUN!
How to make a Cake!

Special Things Inside Our Book:
Party Invitations
Party "Thank You" Cards
Party Layout
Party - Special Tips!
The book includes 26 games to choose from!!!

Why my book is special?
I asked many kids what they would like to do at their own KidsParty and this book is the result of their answers.
To play the games you will need minimal supplies.
You can read step-by-step instructions!

All you need to do is get prepared for the KidsParty,
by just reading, printing, cutting, taping and buying prizes for the kids.

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