Gold Eagle Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver is a gasoline additive that limits the possible impact of ethanol additives in modern fuel blends. Designed to reduce the excess water and further absorption of water into your gas tank that ethanol can cause, Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment limits corrosion within your fuel tank and system and maintains an optimal fuel blend. It works in all weather conditions and under under the widest of temperature swings. It is recommended for everyday use in cars, truck and small engines. The 4-oz bottle contains enough solution to treat up to 10 gallons of fuel.

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4-oz bottle of Gold Eagle Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver
Protection against the engine corrosion and gumming that Ethanol fuels can cause.
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Protect Your Engine from Ethanol Additives in Fuel

Ethanol additives in modern fuels are intended to minimize carbon dioxide emissions, but they can also create problems for your engine in the form of corrosion and clogged fuel systems that can dramatically impact performance. Ethanol is optimally soluble in gasoline under the right conditions, but when temperatures become too hot or too cold the additive can become unstable, drawing moisture into your gas tank. This addition of moisture into the fuel mixture can lead to phase separation, a condition in which total saturation of the fuel results in ethanol and water separating from the gas mixture, and coming to rest near the bottom of the tank. If the level of this fuel-depleted liquid mixture is allowed to accumulate it not only will take up precious space in your fuel tank, but it may also be injected into your engine affecting performance and potentially creating serious problems. In addition, if significant water remains in your tank the moisture can cause rust and corrosion, or contribute to the gumming up of your fuel system. This is where Sta-Bil Ethanol treatment comes in.

Sta-Bil's Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver helps remove water from fuel, prevents corrosion from ethanol blended fuels and cleans fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves for overall performance. The result is an engine that runs smoothly regardless of temperature conditions. Another benefit of Sta-Bil's Ethanol Treatment is that unlike other similar products developed mostly for vehicles that are to be put in storage, Sta-Bil's Ethanol Treatment can be used regularly in cars, trucks, sports vehicles, lawnmowers and smaller engines. Just add a few penny's worth of Sta-Bil's Ethanol Treatment to your tank each time you fill up and you could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars in repair costs down the road.

Key Features

  • Prevents corrosion caused by today's ethanol blended fuels
  • Helps remove water from fuel and keep it out
  • Cleans fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves for better, overall performance
  • Perfect for use in cars, trucks and small engines
  • Recommended for use at every fill up
  • 4-oz bottle treats up to 10 gallons of fuel

About Gold Eagle Co.

Headquartered in the heart of Chicago's industrial hub, Gold Eagle Co. is a privately held company, founded in 1932 by Armin Hirsch. For more than 75 years, Gold Eagle has been an industry pioneer in the production and distribution of aftermarket fluids and additives as well as an innovator and leader in the product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of branded engine performance and maintenance chemicals. The Retail and Installer Brands Group within Gold Eagle Co. markets and sells more than 100 branded products, while its Private Brands Group supplies over 400 different OEM and private branded products into the majority of the top engine-related original equipment manufacturers and retail marketers.

  • For everyday, optimal perforrmance and protection
  • Prevents corrosion and white rust formation caused by todays ethanol blended fuels
  • Cleans carburetors, fuel injectors and inatke valves
  • Keeps engine running smoothly with every use
  • Helps remove water from fuel

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