Stunning Professional Flamenco Shoes made by the Flamenco Master Luna! Handcrafted to perfection in Spain, by the renowned flamenco shoe maker Luna, our professional flamenco shoes will satisfy the most demanding flamenco dancers. Master Luna himself will create each pair in our workshop using the finest and most durable material and traditional shoemaking methods that have been mastered over many generations. These shoes are widely used by the largest flamenco school in Madrid "AMOR DE DIOS".Their incredible quality and unparallel comfort are ideal for those long practice sessions. Extra nails in toe and heel, refined to perfection, ensure superior tapping sound during the zapateado. Their impeccable design and top sound quality will enable you to deliver superb performances and captivate your audience!
  • Leather Professional flamenco shoes, laces, 5cm Cubano heel type and nails on the heel and toe
  • Exclusively handmade in Spain using top quality material
  • Ultimate quality, durability and comfort due to the in-sole cushioning and soft yet durable leather
  • Incredibly clever design to enable superb expression of movement
  • Stitched leather sole and extra nails of the finest quality for superior tapping sound

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