Are you searching for facts and information about the lives of famous and important black people in history?

Do you want to experience the stories of trailblazers who have faced challenges during their life and persevered in order to become influential and successful?

You'll be exposed to many uncelebrated and worthwhile personalities, not just the familiar names you know, in People in Black History - Famous African Americans.

Maybe you're a teacher looking for ideas for Black History Month activities...a student researching a project... or a concerned parent who wants to make sure that their kids are fully aware of the many famous African Americans who can inspire them to follow their dreams.

People like Reverend Ralph David Abernathy...Daisy Bates...Lewis H. Latimer...Nathaniel Clifton...Charles H. Houston...Frederick Douglass...Jesse Owens...Bill Cosby...Louis Armstrong...Thurgood Marshall...the list goes on and multiplies every year.

Discover all the facts about the inspirational lives and achievements of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and other famous and noteworthy black history people.

These are just a few individuals whose achievements helped change the society we live in today and -- in many cases -- who reached beyond our own borders to touch the rest of the world, too.

If you want to find out about some of these great people right now, you'll want to dive right into People in Black History - Famous African Americans covering nearly 300 profiles in 28 diverse categories.

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