Universal Screen Cleaner (No logo) for LCD & Plasmas TV, iPads, iPhones, Galaxy Tabs, and smartphones
  • You may not have noticed, but after a while, your bright and beautiful screen may have lost some of it's original luster. Much of that is probably due to air-borne dust and dirt that have accumulated on the screen's surface. This thin layer of dirt reduces your screen's clarity, brightness and color accuracy. The solution is simple. Give it a good cleaning.
  • But many household cleaners contain active ingredients that can damage your screens sensitive surface. Many screens have special coating that can be broken down if you use the wrong cleaning cleaners and clothes.
  • These cleaners are great for all kinds of LCD displays including portable devices like the IOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod), smartphones, Galaxy Tabs, etc.
  • The cleaning liquid is alcohol free and leaves a streak free finish. Easily remove the fingerprints and grime from your screen.
  • 60mL Non-Drop Cleaning Liquid,Alcohol-free solution ,Elastic and Anit-Statics Brush, 20X20cm Microfiber Cloth ,One set in blister packing

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