The DistrACTION Action Pack contains everything you need to relieve the pain and stress of any prickly procedure. This item includes our Striped Buzzy® kit, three different sets of Bee-Stractors® DistrACTION cards (now with Robots!), 5 Buzzy for Boo-Boos Bandages, 6 Buzzy Bravery Badges, all neatly contained in a reusable zippered carrying case. Buzzy relieves the pain from minor sharp aches and pains, including needles, splinters, and stings. Each Buzzy kit includes a Buzzy, instructions, a set of reversible, reusable, single-patient Blue Gel Wings, hands-free strap and batteries. Buzzy works even better with our DistrACTION cards. Distraction can reduce pain by up to 50%, often better than medical pain relief. DistrACTION Cards are five brightly colored cards on a snap ring, with age-specific questions and finding tasks for all ages, empowering Mom or Dad to distract like a pro! The Pack contains 3 sets of our collectible distraction cards: Monkeys, and Cows, and Jumbo Robots Series. Use the clear bandages and coin-shaped Badges to reward the patient. ~BONUS! FREE KAZOO!~
  • Buzzy relieves sharp pain on contact!
  • All natural, no drugs. FDA-compliant.
  • Includes portable games, distraction at your fingertips.
  • Use at home, doctor's office, waiting in line, anywhere!
  • Eco-friendly, Buzzy and distraction cards are reusable.

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