Sevenoak SK-W02 is a video stabilizer designed specifically to reduce shaking and provide stability on the process of video shooting. It can bear payload up to 2.8lbs (1.3kg). Features with aluminum construction, comfort grip handle, smooth and flexible gimbal, built-in spirit level, rubberized camera plate and polished counter-weight, this compact, hand-held stabilizer becomes the most affordable versatile stabilizer on the worldwide market.
  • Supports 4/3 cameras, DVs, cell phones and light weight DSLR up to 2.8lbs(1.3kg)
  • Built with Aluminum construction and stainless steel counter-weight (Can add or reduce according to your needs)
  • with comfortable grip handle for fatigue reduce
  • Built in spirit level make it very easy to identify its balance
  • Super gimbal for smooth and flexible motion

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