"Dr. Antonietta Francini has not had an easy life. Stricken with post-traumatic stress syndrome after World War II and subsequent terminal cancer, she is a true example of courage, determination, faith, and the ways in which one woman can walk through struggles and come out a better person for it in the end. Now retired, Dr. Francini shares the compelling details of the second part of her life and how she has attained a happy, rewarding life—even into her eighties.

She divides her story into two parts that first detail the story of her life and then explain the philosophy that guided her behavior throughout her extraordinary spiritual journey. Upon receiving her cancer diagnosis in 1965, Dr. Francini shares how she found healing with the help of surgery, diet, yoga, meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises. But it was not until she experienced a spiritual awakening in India that she learned to completely heal her soul and understood the power of unconditional love. As she offers a glimpse into her journey, she shares the cultural and spiritual factors that influenced her well-being and how she eventually evolved through forgiveness and selfless love.

Seeking Health and Joy shares the extraordinary life story of one woman’s hard-earned, joyful wisdom as she learns to embrace the cosmic powers for successful aging."

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