In Chinese, the word for "fish" is a homonym for the words "wealth", "gold" and "jade". Over the years, fish have come to symbolize wishes for great wealth. In particular, the koi fish, with their iridescent colors and beautiful tails have become a symbol for prosperity and material riches.

The number nine is the highest, single-digit number and has come to symbolize a pinnacle--the most that can be achieved and obtained and was regarded as the number reserved for the emperor. In addition, the word for "nine" and "a long time" are homonyms in Chinese and the number is thus associated with wishes for longevity.

This piece is composed of 1/4 Silk Thread. 1/4 Silk Thread is made from a single silk thread split into four smaller threads. It is extremely delicate, difficult to handle and increases the detail, complexity, and value of silk embroidery art.

This embroidery has been soft-mounted onto a soft, flexible backing with a cloth mat added around the edges of the embroidery. It may be hung as-is or custom framed to your liking. The soft-mount can be cut to any desired size and may be glued to a backboard for easier positioning. It may also be rolled up for storage or shipping.

Silk embroidery art was invented in China over 2,500 years ago. Our silk art is produced in the ancient city of Suzhou, home of the world's most reknown style of silk embroidery. The quality, value, and aesthetics of silk embroidery all depend on craftsmanship and complexity. Each of our embroideries contains over 100,000 stitches on average with the largest number of stitches in a single piece exceeding 500,000.

  • Hand designed silk embroidery art
  • Soft mounted: Ready to frame or may be hung as-is
  • 35" x 21", Mat Opening: 27" x 15"
  • Each of our silk embroideries contain over 100,000 stitches on average
  • Produced in Suzhou, home to the world's most renown style of silk embroidery

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