"General Information about Watchful" Watchful is a very common sedimentary rock and is mostly composed of sand-sized grains. The rock is known for its decorative qualities. Besides being soft and easy to carve, Watchful comes in variety of colors, such as green, gold, white and red. Ad because of its high silica content, it sparkles beautifully. Owing to its natural beauty and artistic and architectural qualities, Watchful is used for garden decorative and building materials. In the past, Watchful was widely used in building construction. It was used as main material to build walls and floors for Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Phanom Rung Stone Castle in Province of Burirum, and Stock Kok Thom Castle in Sakaeo Province. Thai Sand Stone Art Tree Dimension "Dimension Buddha " Sculpted in bas relief on a Bo Tree leaf, the face of the Lold Buddha,from the Tawarawadee Era, is Specially crafted so that the Lold Buddha's gaze appears To follow you from whatever Angle you look at it. This Sculpture conveys a sense of Benevolence and protection Over you and your familyWherever you go for all time. Name : Meditation size S (Wood Box) Details :Wood Frame Color : yellow Size : 21 x 27 x 5 cm. Weight : 1 kg. Box size : 21 x 27 x 5 cm. Weight of the box : 1 kg.
  • Original from Thailand
  • Thai Sand Stone Art Tree Dimension
  • Neatly
  • High quality
  • Unique

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