Since the emergence of the electric bass guitar in the 1950s, La Bella, a pioneer and innovator of world-class strings with superior quality, has been dedicated to developing superior strings while following this instruments evolution.

The electric bass has shifted from the rhythm section to center stage as bassists have assumed the soloist role and with that La Bella Strings gives you this convenient 3-pack of 2-sets, 045-105 gauge, and 1-set 044-110 gauge Standard, 4-set bass strings; SN45 Nickel-Plated Light Set, M45 Stainless Steel Light Set and the 760RM Deep Talkin Bass Medium Set.

Offering a wide range of playability the SN45 Nickel-Plated Light Set unite both the warm tone and feel of nickel with the brightness and strength of stainless steel. Their constriction includes a stainless steel underlay over a steel core covered entirely by a nickel-plated outer wrapping. The M45 Stainless Steel Light Strings are the most versatile bass guitar strings on the market. Used by many great jazz, rock, pop and session players, these perfectly balanced sets are super-flexible for bending and sustaining notes while maintaining a long lasting bright tone. The 760RM Deep Talkin Bass Stainless Steel strings have a thinner core and multiple wraps of winding.

All three sets are round wound for tone and durability.

String Gauges for each set:

SN45 Nickel-Plated Light: 045-065-085-105

M45 Stainless Steel Light: 045-065-085-105

760RM Deep Talkin Bass Medium: 044-061-085-110

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  • A Sam Ash Exclusive Offer
  • String Gauges for each set; SN45 Nickel-Plated Light, 045-065-085-105; M45 Stainless Steel Light, 045-065-085-105; 760RM Deep Talkin' Bass Medium, 044-061-085-110
  • A great value, these strings are great sounding and long-lasting while remaining affordable
  • All three sets are round wound for tone and durability

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