This GPK Systems AC Adapter is the direct replacement for Asus AC Adapter

  The GPK Systems  AC Adapter is an inexpensive alternative to an original power supply and you won't notice any difference in performance. A second AC adapter at home and/or at work makes power access convenient and tailored to your needs. Also keep one in your carrying case at all times and never be without an AC adapter when you travel. It enables you to keep your battery fully charged when you really need it most on the road.

 -Can be used around the world with the appropriate plug adapter.
 -Meets or exceeds the specifications of the AC adapter that ships with your laptop.
 -Spare adapters at home, work and for travel make power access convenient and tailored to your needs.
 -Backed by a limited one-year warranty with service and support available from GPK Systems .
 -Use as a spare or replacement for your original AC adapter.

Compatible series : 
   Asus:  A52 A52f-xe3 A53 A53e-xe1 A53e-xe2 A53e-xn1 A53s A53sv-xn1 A53u-xe1 A73 A73e-xe1 B53 B53f-c1b, K43 K43e K50 K50i K50ij-xa1 K52 K52f-f1 K52f-rbr9 K52f-rgr8 K53 K53e-a1 K53e-b1 K53e-c1 K53s K53sv-a1 K53sv-b1 K53u-a1 N53 N53s N53sv-a1 N53sv-a2 N53sv-b1 N53sv-xe1 U20 U20a U46 U46e-bal5 U52 U52f-bbg6 U56 U56e-bbl5 Ul20 Ul20f Ul20ft-a1 Ul20ft-b1.

In the box: 
  -GPK Systems  AC Adapter.
  -Power cable.

"Ctrl" + "F" to find your models

  • Input: 100V - 240V (worldwide use)
  • Output: 19V 3.42A 65Watt
  • Support 1 year warranty
  • Designed exclusively for use with the laptops 100% compatibility with the original
  • Replacement power supply AC power adapter was tested to match and/or exceed original product at low price.

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