Custom lenses for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Slide in your iPhone and get creative! You can now use all the cool photo gear you may have or want on the world's most versatile camera. The Phocus body is ergonomically designed and can be held with one or two hands. Since the iPhone is the star of the show, special care was taken to allow access to the headphone, power, volume, and 30 pin connector ports. Phocus has built in brass tripod and lens mounting points as well as a shoe mount. This kit comes with three lenses, each with their own effect. The wide angle lens expands the overall field of view letting you get more of overall area into your shot. The macro lens allows the camera to focus up close in much greater detail. The telephoto lens zooms in on the subject being photographed or filmed. You can also shoot using the native iPhone lens and flash! Please note that the 3-lens bundle may initially appear to be incomplete. That is because the telephoto is one lens. The wide angle and macro are connected to each other in the box (which may initially make it appear that you only received two lenses).
  • Improves hand held stability and has built in tripod and monopod mounting points.
  • Includes telephoto, wide-angle, macro lenses.
  • Access all buttons and ports on the phone
  • Maintains ability to send and receive data, text, gps, bluetooth, and cellular signals
  • Shoe mount for lights, microphones, and other effects

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