CONTENTS - In the Friendly Swede® Retail packaging:
1 x Tiger Face Design Bling Case
1 x Gold 4.5" Branded Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen
1 x Pry Removal Tool - Blue 3.3"
1 x The Friendly Swede® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 5.5x3.0"

**GENERAL INFO - Bling Cases:
While a bling case does offer some protection for your iPod, it should mainly be bought for "looks & appearance". A bling case cannot be compared to the likes of Otterbox® or similar heavy duty cases. Due to the nature of the bling case, with glued on beads, the case itself needs to be handled with more care than other cases.

All normal bling cases, no matter the quality, will eventually have some of the beads come off. This is especially true for iPods with sharp edges where the beads around the edges and corners will come off if not handled with care. For other more "rounded models" (i.e iPod Touch 4), the beads are likely to stay on longer.

In short: Handle your bling case with care and will look great for a long time!"

iPod Touch 4 / 4G / 4th Generation, The stylus pen is universal and compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices.

THE FRIENDLY SWEDE® - Selected Accessories:
If you for any reason are not happy with any product by The Friendly Swede®, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to solve your problem asap! At The Friendly Swede® we take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products. The Friendly Swede® - USPTO serial: 85494642, 85511082, 85521942 - is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. All products by The Friendly Swede® are exclusively manufactured by The Friendly Swede®

Apple®, iPod®are registered trademarks and do in no way endorse or have any affiliation with this package.

Device NOT included.
  • Tiger Face Design Bling Rhinestone Diamond Snap-On Hard Case Cover for Apple iPod Touch iTouch 4, 4G
  • Openings for all functions - No need to remove the case during normal usage
  • Gold 4.5" Branded Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen
  • Blue 3.3" Pry Removal Tool for Snap-on Hard Case
  • In The Friendly Swede® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Retail Packaging - Premium quality accessories - Hand picked or produced by The Friendly Swede

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