This GPK Systems Auto Power Adapter is the direct replacement for Asus Auto Power Adapter

  The GPK Systems  Auto Power Adapter enables you to power your Laptop in your car. An energy-efficient power adapter, designed to draw minimal power. With integrated surge protector to guard against power fluctuations.If you want to use your computer in the car without using up the battery you can save energy and weight by using one of these high tech switch mode DC converters (car cords). They are so small, light and reliable you might want to leave your AC adapter at home. This travel adapter is a voltage-boosting DC/DC converter designed to power or charge a Laptop from an automobile power point or cigarette lighter. GPK Systems DC Converters are being used in: Automobiles, Police Cars, Emergency Vehicles, RVs, Motorcycles, Motor Homes, Trucks, Airplanes, Campers, Boats, Yachts, Cell Phone Towers, Solar Power Stations..

 -Work, play, and surf longer without losing power.
 -Compact and lightweight to take or store anywhere.
 -Can be used around the world .
 -Mobility: The GPK Systems Auto power adapter gives you freedom, convenience and peace of mind to stay powered up from virtually anywhere.
 -Backed by a limited one-year warranty with service and support available from GPK Systems .

Compatible series : 
    Asus: U36jc-nyc2 ; U36sd-dh51 U46e-bal5 U46e-bal7 U46erf-bal5 U56e-bal7 U56e-bbl6 U56e-rbl6 U56erf-bbl6 A53u-eh21 A53u-es01 A53u-es21 A53u-es22 A53u-xe1 A73e-ah51 A73e-nh31 A73e-xe1 K73e-bbr7 P53e-xh51.

In the box: 
  -GPK Systems  Car Charger.

"Ctrl" + "F" to find your models

  • DC input: DC 11V - 16V; Output voltage: 19V
  • DC output: 65 watts; 3.42A
  • Support: 1 year warranty
  • Use minimal power: this adapter is designed to save energy
  • Designed exclusively for use with the laptops 100% compatibility with the original

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