Biker Armour Magnum & Angel Style Photochromic (Transition) Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses automatically change from Yellow at night to Dark Yellow Brown under sunlight in SECONDS! Introducing the 3rd generation photochromic lenses from Biker Armour...this means the lenses get DARKER/CLEARER & FASTER than ever before! The BikerArmour Magum/Angel Photochromic Sunglasses are the ultimate motorcycle sunglasses on the market today. We even compared our glasses to Wiley X and 7 eye photchromics (which cost 3 times more), and our 3rd generation photochromic lenses got even darker, faster! The MAGNUM/Angel features bold and eye catching styling with a sick, bold stripe across the top of the frame.
  • 3rd Generation Photochromic Lenses get darker and fully change in seconds
  • Softer and sweatproof foam
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Extremely durable MemoryFlex frames provide perfect fit
  • Non slip rubber ear pieces.

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