Size S Length:30.7 waist:26.2-27.6
Size M Length:31.1 waist:28.9-30.2
Size L Length:31.5 waist:31.5-32.8
Size XL Length:31.9 waist:34.1-35.4
Size XXL Length:32.3 waist:36.7-39.4
1.Material: Polyester cotton.
2.Korean style and comfortable feeling.
3. Quality guaranteed.
Attention: As many buyers have presented, our size is smaller than the one in United States. So please be careful when choosing the size! Normally the S one in US corresponds to an M in our store. We use the Chinese standard and there are differences. We suggest you to choose the item 1 size larger!
  • Chinese Size S Length:30.7inch waist:26.2-27.6inch
  • Chinese Size M Length:31.1inch waist:28.9-30.2inch
  • Chinese Size L Length:31.5inch waist:31.5-32.8inch
  • Chinese Size XL Length:31.9inch waist:34.1-35.4inch
  • Chinese Size XXL Length:32.3inch waist:36.7-39.4inch

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