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Connect USB Devices up to 33-ft. (10-meter)

Make the most of every inch of your workspace! This 10-meter (33-ft. ) USB 2.0 A/A Gold Extension Cable meets or exceeds all USB 2.0 specifications and also supports faster data transfer for legacy USB 1.1 devices. The U026-10M includes a bus-powered signal booster for superior signal quality and data transmission. The signal booster allows for 4 cables to be daisy-chained for an extension distance of up to 40 m (131 ft. ). Unlike cut-price cables, the U026-10M is manufactured to exacting specifications, using superior materials, for a difference you can clearly see. And we back our pledge of quality with a one-year product warranty.

Tripp Lite U026-10M 10-Meter USB 2.0 A/A Gold Extension Cable:
  • Ideal for connecting USB devices beyond the usual 16-ft. distance limitation
  • Supports data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps and is backward compatible to USB 1.1
  • Built-in signal repeater
  • Plug-and-play convenience
  • One-year warranty
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The Smart Solution for Home and Business Desktop Computer Setups

This genuine Tripp Lite USB 2.0 A/A Active Extension Cable offers an easy, inexpensive solution for connecting a USB device to your computer over distances of up to 131 ft. Featuring male USB A connectors, the U026-10M ensures peak performance with no loss of signal quality. You can daisy-chain up to 4 10-m cables for a complete distance extension of up to 40 m (131 ft. ).

The U026-10M supports error-free data transmission at the high speeds you’re used to from all of your USB 2.0 devices. Legacy USB 1.1 devices also get a speed boost with transfer speeds from 1.5 to 480 Mbps. The cable is compatible with all computers, devices and cables with USB A connectors. The U026-10M can provide 150mA of power to a connected device. If your device requires more than 150mA of power, it will either need to have its own power supply or be plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub (Tripp Lite U222-004-R).

Superior Quality Ensures Error-Free Signal Transfer

The U026-10M is manufactured using top-quality materials. Premium double-shielded foil-and-braid cable provides maximum EMI/RFI protection and superior signal quality. The U026-10M features gold-plated USB A connectors with gold-plated copper contacts to ensure excellent conductivity. The built-in signal booster regenerates the signal for even higher quality and longer extension distances. The connectors feature integral strain relief for durability and long life. The U026-10M is compliant with RoHS standards, reflecting Tripp Lite's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Accept no substitutes! Make sure your premium Tripp Lite cable “ships from and sold by Amazon” in its original Tripp Lite packaging. This is your assurance that the cable you purchase will deliver the high-end performance you expect. And if you don’t see this packaging, it’s not a genuine Tripp Lite cable!

  • 10 meter (33-Feet) USB2.0 Active Extension Cable, USB-A Male to USB-A Female
  • Supports data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps
  • Built in Repeater maintains Hi-Speed USB signal quality, and electrical / timing specifications
  • Plug and Play; Compatible with all major operating systems
  • Provides up to 150mA of power to the connected device. If your device requires more than 150mA of power, it will either need to have its own power supply or be plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub (Tripp Lite U222-004-R) that is connected to the U026-10M.
  • 1-year limited warranty

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