EMPIRE's vehicle mount securely holds your device on your cars dash, making it easily accessible and giving you a clear view of it while you drive. The locking suction cup on the base of the mount easily attaches to anywhere on your dash, allowing you to set it at the most convenient position. At the other end of the base, the rotatable mount piece allows you to set your device horizontally or vertically. The adjustable claw opens to 4 1/2" and closes to 1 1/2" in length and is also covered with foam padding, ensuring that your device doesn't get damaged. Mount also includes photo holster, so you can view a picture of your loved ones while the mount is not in use.
  • Compatible with EVO 4G LTE, One X, One S, Titan II, Rezound, Vivid, EVO Design 4G, Sensation XL, Amaze 4G, Rhyme, Radar, Titan, Wildfire S, Trophy, Sensation 4G, HD7, EVO 3D, DROID Incredible 2, ThunderBolt, EVO Shift 4G, Arrive, Inspire 4G, DROID Incredible 4G LTE.
  • Suction cup lever fastens and releases mount from dash or windshield.
  • Adjustable claw allows for perfect fit.
  • Rotatable arm and base allows for precise positioning.
  • EMPIRE is a registered trademark with the USPTO.

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