This Sojing silent electric classical guitar gives you the opportunity to play and enjoy yourself even in a noisy environment or in a noise restricted environment(such as an apartment) without disturbing others or being disturbed. It is also ideal for stage performance when connected to an amplifier or P.A. system with the cable included. It features rosewood fingerboard, nylon strings, tone and volume control knobs, covered truss rod and removal frames for easy traveling. It is designed in a full size classical guitar measurements with a nut width 2 1/16", scale length 25 3/4" and 39" in full length. It comes with a amplifier cable, a 9V battery and earphones. Last but not least, it is offered at a most affordable price for most guitar players of beginner or advanced level. This is the coolest guitar that you would be happy to own!
  • Patented silent acoustic electric classical guitar with nylon strings
  • Allowing player to practice in a noisy or noise restricted environment using earphones
  • Volume and tone switch controls for adjusting to your comfort sound level
  • Covered truss rod, detachable frames easy traveling
  • Can be connected to an amplifier or P.A. system for live performance

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