The sizing on this uniform may not be what you're expecting. PLEASE be sure to check our size charts to make sure you're going to get a good fit as we want to save you the trouble of doing an exchange. (though we DO have the best exchange policy in the industry!)

This is a bleached white extra heavy weight "instructors" karate gi. It's made of long-strand 14 oz 100% brushed cotton canvas so it's much softer than traditional heavy canvas uniforms (we got tired of washing our uniforms for a year to get them to soften up - if you LIKE getting rubbed raw from a new canvas uniform, this is not the one to get).

This Piranha Gear brand gi includes pants with a traditional drawstring waist, reinforced groin, and heavy stitching throughout to ensure durability. The pants, jacket and sleeves all have 8 rows of stitching at the hem. It is truly a "top-of-the-line" uniform.

We were tired of the drawstrings calling it quits before the uniform. So these drawstrings and jacket ties are made of the same heavy material as the uniform (but quadruple folded) so they won't tear after the first year. We also have a nylon lining put inside the drawstring "tunnel" of the pants. That makes tightening them much easier - especially when they get sweaty.

The jacket has shorter "work-out" or "tournament" length sleeves (4/5 length) rather than full length "formal" sleeves - specifically for comfort and convenience. That means the sleeves will ride a couple inches above your wrist rather than cover it.

These uniforms do tend to run a little large, so if you're not sure about the fit, we recommend that you get the smaller size.

This is NOT intended for beginning students and we'd suggest you consider a light weight gi before investing in one of these. It does NOT come with a belt because, honestly, you probably already have one if you're ordering this...

  • First off you probably want to know about the FREE SHIPPING in the US? Not a huge deal, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
  • Our SUPER return policy allows you to return them with NO RESTOCKING fees - even if you used it!
  • Extra heavy weight, soft brushed 14 oz (!) cotton - commonly called "Iron Man" weight fabric.
  • 8 rows of stitching for hems on the sleeves and pants - with reinforcements in high stress areas like armpits and groin.
  • Ideal choice for any student or instructor looking for super heavy pants for any style of karate. Great "pop" because of the 14 ounce fabric.

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