30 Spass Anti Tabac scented Tealight Candle , These odour eliminator tea lights from Spaas Candles are perfect for protecting your home from tobacco smoke. The Anti-Tobacco Scented Tea Lights are specially designed to protect against the malodorous created by tobacco smoke. The candles themselves contain extracts of Vanilla. Each scented tea light candle contains Odourfoyl. Odourfoyl is a uniquely designed fragrance system, which effectively renders malodorous undetectable. These odour eliminator tea lights come in packs of 30 and will give your home 4 - 5 hours, when used with an appropriate candle holder, protection. They will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • Anti Tobacco Scented Tealight Candles Set of 30 Burn 4 to 5 Hours
  • Each candle contains Odourfoyl to leave your house smelling fresh and clean
  • Helps to eliminate unwanted odours
  • Scented candles are the girls best friend
  • Can be used in many different way to add a touch of light and beauty to any décor

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