ACURA RDX: 2010-2012
ACURA RL: 2009-2012
ACURA TSX: 2009-2010
HONDA ACCORD: 2008-2012
HONDA ODYSSEY: 2008-2010
HONDA PILOT: 2009-2011

NavRGB 2.0 is a new generation of navigation video interfaces that add video capabilities (creates additional video inputs) to HONDA / ACURA vehicles with factory installed navigation system, or with color information screen.

NavRGB 2.0 + HA32 are 100% plug and play - no wire cutting required. NavTool plug and play installation harnesses are made using OEM HONDA / ACURA connectors.

NavRGB 2.0 is an externally wired plug and play video interface that is installed in-line with the navigation computer and navigation screen. The navigation system video image will be replaced by the video source connected trough NavRGB 2.0 video interface.

NavRGB 2.0 is video-in-motion enabled for off-road use, so the video image will stay on the screen even while the vehicle is in motion, however we do not recommend doing this.

NavRGB 2.0 is a video-only input interface and does not have any audio inputs.

Questions? Contact NavTool at

Available Monday-Friday 9am-9pm EST.
or e-mail us at info@navtool.com

Contents of the Package

- NavTool Video Interface

- NavTool plug and play Installation Harness

- Push button

- Installation Manual

Video Inputs:

- Video input one is dedicated for any external composite video source.

- Video input two is dedicated for back-up camera, input is automatically activated when vehicle is placed in reverse.

- Video input two can also be used as an input for any external composite video source.

  • This interface lets you ADD DVD, REAR VIEW CAMERA and other VIDEO SOURCES to your factory navigation screen.
  • 100% PLUG-AND-PLAY. No wire cutting requred.
  • Harness is made with original O.E.M. connectors.
  • Full year (12 MONTH) no-questions-asked warranty.
  • MADE IN USA. Support your homeland, and choose quality - buy American products.

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