InstaFire fire starter factory seconds are the residual products we get from cleaning our mixing equipment after normal production. The factory seconds contain extra oils and wax and chunks (making the mix a little less pretty), but factory seconds often burn longer and hotter than regular InstaFire fire starter. We also designate production-grade products as factory seconds if the packaging got cosmetically damaged in some way. Factory seconds still are optimal for starting campfires, wood-burning stoves, outdoor fire pits and indoor fireplaces. This two-gallon bucket contains factory seconds of fire starter in a loose, granulated form. There are no harmful chemicals or vapors in InstaFire--just recycled wood pellets, volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax. Put it under your wood and light it like an ordinary candle and soon the fire will be going. InstaFire fire starter burns at nearly one-thousand degrees--hot enough to light wet wood. The two-gallon bucket has a resealable flip-top lid that keeps out moisture and humidity. It is safe to store indoors or outdoors, even near food and won't cause any conflicts with local flammable storage ordinances. Keep some for camping purposes or for your emergency-preparedness plan. Use it at the campsite, in an indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit, at an RV park, or in an emergency where you need heat. The product is made in the USA by Insta-Fire, Inc. It is safe, simple and versatile.
  • Factory seconds of versatile, easy-to-use granulated fire starter for campsites, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, RV parks
  • Works on wet wood and burns in all types of weather, including 30 mile-per-hour winds, rain and snow
  • Made from recycled wood, volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax--no harmful chemicals or vapors
  • Safe-to-store, nonvolatile formula with shelf life of 30 years and no risk of flare ups, explosions, or flammable-storage concerns
  • Factory seconds come from cleaning the mixers after production or when product packaging is cosmetically damaged

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