Cobra Windshields by Sportech are among the best sellingsnowmobile accessories on the market. Cobra Windshields sellbecause they offer outstanding protection from the wind. Wewere the first to introduce flared windshields that keptriders warm, and it remains our primary focus today.Secondly, we have always been of the belief that thewindshield is the primary focal point on a snowmobile--it'sthe first thing people see when they check out your sled. Sonaturally, this key element should be a sleek, stylish andcolorful component. We work hard to make Cobra Windshieldsmake your sled look better than it did with the stock OEMwindshield. And finally, Cobra Windshields are knownthroughout the industry as the most durable windshieldsavailable. They are made of premium virgin polycarbonateplastic and are molded using material that is appreciablythicker than the windshields made by our competitors. The netresult is an incredibly tough windshield designed to take thepunishment that sledders are famous for delivering.UNMATCHED PROTECTION: First and foremost, Cobras protect youfrom the wind...no more frozen fingers, hands and upper body.GREAT AERODYNAMICS: Cobras slip through the wind with littledrag. Less drag means more speed!COLD WEATHER DURABILITY: Cobras are molded from bullet-proof(.80") polycarbonate plastic. They remain flexible in thecold and take punishment better than any other shield on themarket.HOT DESIGN: Our shape design comes from countless hours oftesting. Our graphics lead the industry!BLUE TINT LOW 10.5"
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