Ape Case EXOGARD ACEGT3i DSLR Protection System for Canon Rebel T3i Protect your investment Ape Case EXOGARD ACEGT3 DSLR Protection System for Canon T3i Protect your investment with the Ape Case Exoguard DSLR Protection System. Exoguard is a custom-fitted silicon "jacket" that adds a layer of protection over your expensive camera's body. Exoguard helps prevent damage from shock and the unique system prevents scratches on your camera body and LCD screen. Ultra-Precise 3d Laser Measurement with Accuracy of .0005 is used to create each Exoguard system and ensures the accuracy of fit and function. All hatches, sensors, and buttons on your camera are fully functional with your Exoguard in place. Can be used on a tripod or monopod, camera bracket with or without accessory flash. There are ridges built in to strategic spots for extra grip while shooting with, and carrying your camera. Lenses and flashes of any kind and size are compatible with your Exoguard. Your Exoguard also contains two LCD protectors so your camera and it's sensitive LCD screen are protected from scratches and dust. Plus as a bonus your Exoguard is supplied with a handy lens cap leash. The lens cap leash keeps you cap attached to the lens eliminating the chance of losing it. Exoguard is made of high quality silicon that does not lose it's shape, does not crack with weathering, or does not attract dust or lint. Easy to install, Exoguard can be removed and reinstalled as much as you desire, however, for best protection it should be left on as much as possible. System includes: Exoguard silicon body protector, 2 LCD screen $ 27.99 $ 34.99 $ 59.99 4 ACEGT3 protectors, lens cap leash. Limited One Year Warranty with the Ape Case Exoguard DSLR Protection System.
  • Custom-fitted silicon protection
  • Includes two LCD protectors.
  • Can be used on a tripod or monopod

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