This is an epoxy paste which is very easy to spread. It is suitable for gluing and joining marble, granite, stones, agglomerates and ceramic. Very good adhesion force, and good reactivity in thin layers. Comes in part A and part B. This two gallon kit is one gallon of part A and one gallon of part B. The mixing ratio for this epoxy is 1:1. The recommended uses include gluing the following materials together: metal-stones, concrete-metal, ceramic-stone, stone-honeycomb panel. FIXTOP epoxy contains very low quantity of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and is LEED compliant regarding the chapter 4.1 Low emitting materials. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. This glue is excellent for damp or wet environments like around showers, pools and outside decks. Another high quality product from Tenax. This is a HazMat (hazardous material). It can only be shipped via UPS Ground Delivery to the continental USA or UPS Standard Delivery to Canada. It is not able to be shipped via any other level of service or outside of the continental USA and Canada. Ships to CONTINENTAL U.S.A. and Canada only-- it is not available for delivery to Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Easy clean up (Water, Lacquer Thinner, Acetone )
  • Excellent bond to Stone, Granite, Glass, Mosaics
  • Doesn't dissolve or break down in water (great for shower applications wont delaminate)
  • Excellent on glue down hardwood and ES wood
  • 500 sqft coverage for one kit

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