An intermediate guide to hard-surface modeling in Blender. The emphasis is on futuristic, science fiction vehicles. The book demonstrates a wide variety of techniques, such as cutting windows into curved surfaces, adding hull panels and lines to smooth models, and building common vehicle components. Related topics such as vehicle design are also covered.

The final project is the "Rocket Bike". By the time the reader gets to this section, they will be able to apply tips and techniques shown throughout the book to create their own version.

This is not a "Blender 101" book. It's aimed at people who have a basic grasp of the software and want to learn more complex modeling techniques. The book is exclusively devoted to modeling; there are only passing references to materials, textures, lighting, etc.

If you have a basic understanding of Blender and want to design your own vehicles, this book is for you.

Note: This book is legible on a Kindle, but the pictures are best viewed on a tablet or PC (in color).

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