It is generally believed that people in the past must be less advanced than us or even primitive. However when we look at some of the achievements thousands of years ago, such as pyramids, yoga and ancient astronomy, subtle energy and acupressure etc, we can understand that they far exceeded our current abilities.

How can we explain this? Hindu scriptures believed in rise and fall of human consciousness over time, representing a large cycle of four Yugas. 

More than a century back, Sri Yukteswar, in his book The Holy Science, suggested the Yuga theory providing complete explanation about Yugas while correcting the past misinterpretations. According to his Yuga theory, Yugas are formed due to celestial movement and human consciousness and civilizations are influenced due to Yugas. Human evolution does not seem to be linear but happens in cycles. This book explains in detail, Sri Yukteswar's Yuga theory and its various aspects.

Sri Yukteswar was the Guru of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, who pioneered teaching of kriya yoga in the west. Sri Yukteswar wrote 'The Holy Science' on the advice of Mahavatar Babaji in order to show unity between Bible and Hindu scriptures. Though Yugas was not the main subject of the book, during the introduction, he explained about four yugas, how they are formed and about the common mistake of considering the present age as Kali Yuga. As per the calculations of Sri Yukteswar, we have actually entered ascending Dwapara Yuga, second in the cycle of 4 yugas.


About Sri Yukteswar
The Concept of Yugas
The Yuga Theory of Sri Yukteswar
Vishnu Nabhi or Grand Center
Precession of equinoxes
The formation and duration of Yugas
Dharma, the mental virtue
Historical Evidence of the Influence of Time
Why the present age is considered Kali Yuga?
Some Yuga related Stanzas from The Holy Science
How does the understanding of Yugas help us?
Frequently asked questions about Yuga Theory

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